Pleasant Family Life

Family Has Always Been
At the Center
of Our Private Lives.
Even as the World Changes All Around Us,
the Importance of Family Does Not.
Neither Do the Challenges.

From the desk of Derek G. Austin
San Diego, California,

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Dear Friends,

Living happily with a spouse or partner, raising and educating children, dealing with aging parents, and maintaining our homes are all parts of life that bring us both joy and problems. If the challenges and happiness of family life are important to you, wouldn’t it be nice to have a website you could turn to for help and sage advice?

Visitors of this website and subscribers to Home Family and Beyond will find a friendly world and meet a wise old man who walks through life as if walking through a beautiful garden.

Today he might offer you a nice picture book of flowers.

Tomorrow he may visit his old friend and provide advice on a book about Arthritis and Depression.

He might hear about the problems of a neighbor’s kids and send you a guide on how you can paint a smile on your child’s face. He might also enclose a selection of bible stories and prayers that you can share with your children when they are finished playing computer games.

He has help for your cousin who is unemployed and looking for a job because he has edited a guide for job hunters.

Through personal experience with sleeping disorders, he has studied the methods and medicines that are available and discovered the value of natural medicine. He is happy to share with you what he knows and the resources he has found. is an interactive website that was created to foster communication. I look forward to hearing your reactions, questions and opinions. The online forum will allow you to express your ideas and get the best advice and information the editor and contributors can offer. It is our goal to help you have what our name implies, a Pleasant Family Life.

Visitors can use many of the recommended resources for free. Anybody can try and use them for his/her benefit. The ebooks, audio books and videos offer help in building, maintaining, renewing and enjoying family life. Of course the results you get will depend on your desire to take the wonderful ideas we provide and put them into action for yourself.

Let me tell you exactly what you will find here.

  • Audio books dealing with such questions as Healthy Living (problems like Sleeping Disorder, Depression, Disability, etc.), Natural Medicine, Marriage and Divorse, Pregnancy and Educating Children 
  • Ebooks and reports about Home Security Questions, Family Finance Plans, Job Hunting
  • Picture books and 'how to' guides on Gardening, Water Gardens and Aquariums, Home Decoration and Craft Works
    ... and much, much more.

Additionally you will find here (and in the emails) short reviews on different services on the Internet, ebooks and website links for your entertainment, various utility software like: time management, calendar, and other useful programs. To make sure we are always offering the right material, we will regularly use online polls to ask your opinion and thoughts.

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Derek G. Austin
Derek G. Austin


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